Monday, February 6, 2012

Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon Race Review

Race Review by official Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member George Pugh:

1/22/2012 - Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon started in old Lahaina, Hawaii and featured an out and back course along a busy Route 30. They say a bad day on Maui is better than a good day most everywhere else. Well I pushed that to the limit during this 13.1 mile event as the race started at 6:45 am, in the dark, in 70 degree heat. I knew I was in trouble when the sweat was dripping off my hat by the two mile mark. Running along the roadway was precarious at some points, but a gentle breeze before the turn around gave me hope I could run the entire distance. I was wrong of course and by mile eight it was over 80 degrees and my muscles were toast. No one can control the weather and poor preparation and hydration was my fault. Running out of town was a gentle up grade with no significant hills and back brought the same gentle slope down hill. The only complaint I really had was that the mile markers showed miles completed out and miles to go coming back right to a 26 mile marker for the marathon event which finished at the same point as the half marathon, a 5K, 10K, and a 15K. With an out and back course you couldn't get lost, but a better system for mile markers is required. Overall, I'd rate this a must run even though I haven't seen my poor results posted on line 36 hours later. Aloha!

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